My name is Keith Lyons. I am a Professor of Sport Studies at the University of Canberra.

I think of myself as an educational technologist.

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A Perfect Mess: on-line communication


I was driving home last night and came across an interview between Michael Duffy and David Freedman on Radio National’s Counterpoint. David Freedman is the co-author of A Perfect Mess. In the interview David outlined his view on the messiness of life. The book “demonstrates that moderately messy systems use resources more efficiently, spur creativity, Read More

GROU.PS: Exploring Learning and Sharing Links


In the last week I have been glued to Twitter! On 21 December I wrote a post about Vicarious Learning and Reciprocal Altruism and after Christmas I thought I would explore Twitter at what might be a quiet time of the year. It proved a fascinating time to be sampling tweets. Not only were there Read More



Sometimes I am fascinated by numbers. It is New Year’s Day and I wondered about today’s YYMMDD binary character. Although my knowledge of Australian history is very limited (despite arriving here in 2002), I discovered that “on the first day of the twentieth century, the six Australian states federated to form one nation, the first Read More

Global Villages, Connection Generation, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


The drive from my home to the University of Canberra gives me the luxury of listening to some great radio programs on Radio National and Classic FM. The journey takes eighty minutes and so by the time I arrive at the University or home on the return journey I have had the opportunity to listen Read More

Accidental Connectivism and the Impulse to Write


Writing has been on my mind a lot lately. Perhaps because I have been thinking about writing I am finding stimuli everywhere and everywhen. I realise that it may be that I am an ‘accidental connectivist’. The most recent stimulus was George Siemen’s blog post Teaching as transparent learning. In the post George explores the Read More

090416 Gleanings


Each week I become more and more fascinated by what we can share. Twitter has accelerated this process for me although this week I have not participated at all. Earlier this year I intiated some posts entitled Food for Thought and aspired to write a weekly alphabet update of blogs. I managed two editions of Read More

Twitter and Visual Narratives


I have been trying to be part of the Twitter momentum so evident at present. My attendance at the Innovative Ideas Forum 2009 at the National Library of Australia accelerated my interest in Twitter. I was fascinated by the backchannel potential of Twitter at the Forum (#iif09) but realised my own limitations in tracking conversations, Read More



I was sitting at my computer this morning checking emails and news when up popped a single Google Alert for CCK08. Today’s alert was for Malinka Ivanova‘s post on Microblogging in Education. I thought her post was a great example of someone investing energy in support of a community of practice (around Plurk and Twitter). Read More

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