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After wading through over 250kgs of paper, and scanning 3gb of documents, the process of digitising Keith's records has come to an end (for now). I found some amazing documents ranging from a diary of Keith's early days of teaching through to fully formed high performance plans for elite sport. Keith's career was clearly a journey of variety, enquiry and...
This thesis presents a sociological analysis, of the teaching of boys physical education and is based on a three-year research link with five teachers in two secondary schools. In the thesis, this link is characterised as ethnographic and the implications of the link for both the process and product of research are considered.
Increasing participation and quality of Physical Educational was a passion of Keith including his PhD.

Event Analysis

View the digitised archive of Keith's performance analysis work.

2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup

2019 Ashes

2019 Rugby World Cup

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