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Introduction Why do football clubs sack their managers? Eni Aluko has written a post in The Guardian about sacking football managers (link). In it she proposes that sacking managers does not work. She points out that in 2019-2020 "a lot of clubs have...
The other day, I noticed this enigmatic tweet from Namita Nandakumar (link): I was delighted to see this announcement and the queries it brought about. Namita's news seemed a long way from the slow writing process discussed by Anastasia Miari's Grand Dishes...
Stephen Downes provided a link to Dominic Wyse's presentation (link) in his newsletter today (link). In his presentation as President of the British Educational Research Association, Dominic looks at the history of education as a discipline. His paper identifies three traditions in the discipline: academic knowledge traditions, practical knowledge traditions, and the...

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2019 Rugby World Cup

The 2019 Rugby World Cup was the ninth edition of the Rugby World Cup for men's rugby union teams.

2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup

2019 Ashes


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