The centenary of the 1919 Peace Regatta

The AIF No. 1 Crew – Winners of the 1919 King’s Cup at the Henley Royal Peace Regatta

The centenary of an Australian eight’s success at the 1919 Peace Regatta will be celebrated in Australia and at the Henley Royal Regatta (link).

Bruce Coe has written a book to record events in 1919 and the story of the King’s Cup (link). The book will be published in time for the 2019 Interstate Championships (link). Bruce is also involved in the making of a documentary about the Peace Regatta.

The 1919 Regatta was organised by rowing clubs in England for oarsmen in the Allied Armies. Two Australian crews competed in the event. They raced each other in the heats. The Number 1 crew won that race and went on to win the King’s Cup.

Photo Credit

The AIF No. 1 Crew (Rowing Australia website)

#AsianCup2019: end of group games

The group stages of the 2019 Asian Cup concluded with Lebanon’s defeat of North Korea on game 36 of the tournament (link).

In the group games:

  • 96 goals were scored
  • the team that scored first did not lose in 28 games
  • the higher Elo rated team did not lose in 31 of the 36 games
  • the five higher Elo rated teams that lost were: Thailand (v India); Australia (v Jordan); Bahrain (v Thailand); Syria (v Jordan); Saudi Arabia (v Qatar).

The 96 goals were scored in these 15 minute time intervals:

A matrix and bar chart of when goals were scored in the group games by 15 minute time period.

The posterior outcomes of these games compared to naive priors proposed prior to the tournament:

A matrix and bar charts that compare prior probabilities with posterior probabilities after 36 games
A line diagram to compare prior and posterior probabilities.

The knockout stages begin on Sunday, 20 January with the game between Jordan and Vietnam (link).