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Playing in the Park

I have the good fortune to walk past the new play area in Ryrie Park each day. I marvel at the use that is being made of the play space. It is everything I hoped for in the positioning of play at the heart of our culture. The playground was officially...


Introduction Stephen Downes (link) has shared in his daily newsletter a Ben Werdmuller post (link) about blogging. I read Stephen's summary and Ben's post with great interest. It renewed for me my thoughts about how we use social media to share ideas. And...
Introduction in the 1970s, Liverpool Polytechnic was at the heart of the debate about sport science. Vaughan Thomas, Tom Reilly and Frank Sanderson were right in the middle of this debate and set in place structures that promoted sport science. Vaughan arrived in 1971, Frank in 1973....

Event Analysis

2019 Rugby World Cup

The 2019 Rugby World Cup was the ninth edition of the Rugby World Cup for men's rugby union teams.

2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup

2019 Ashes


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