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On Wednesday 13th May 2020, Keith Lyons, loving husband, brother, father, and grandfather died at the age of 68. Keith with his Grandfather c.1960 Keith was born on 7th May 1952 in Buckley, North Wales and was given a good start on his learning journey by his Grandfather, who among...

Vale Keith

Keith Lyons on Mount Wellington during a canoe slalom training camp in Tasmania, Australia.
It is with immense sadness we share the news that Keith Lyons, of Braidwood NSW, died on 13th May 2020, aged 68. Keith was everything to us, as a husband to Sue, father to Beth and Sam, and Pa to Ivy and Jolyon. Details for the funeral are posted here
Introduction Why do football clubs sack their managers? Eni Aluko has written a post in The Guardian about sacking football managers (link). In it she proposes that sacking managers does not work. She points out that in 2019-2020 "a lot of clubs have...

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2019 Rugby World Cup

The 2019 Rugby World Cup was the ninth edition of the Rugby World Cup for men's rugby union teams.

2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup

2019 Ashes


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