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Out of it

I have been having some treatment in hospital that has meant I have been out of action for the best part of two weeks. It is the first time in my professional life that I have been away from the web for an extended period. I think 'out of it' describes...

Alexis on coaching

Alexis Lebedew (link) has been thinking about coaching. His aim is with to come to a definition of what distinguishes high performance behaviour. Alexis has prepared a Google Form for his search (link). He notes in the introduction to this form "I’m curious to know how people...
Discussions about the Braidwood swimming pool have been underway for a number of years and have involved the Braidwood Community Association since its formation (link). Initially the conversations were about an indoor pool. My post about the Ryrie Park playground (link) led to some questions about...

Event Analysis

2019 Rugby World Cup

The 2019 Rugby World Cup was the ninth edition of the Rugby World Cup for men's rugby union teams.

2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup

2019 Ashes


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