About Me

My name is Keith Lyons. I live in Braidwood in New South Wales, Australia.

I think of myself as an educational technologist. I am keen to learn from the remarkable people who share their insights and experiences across the web. In identifying myself as an educational technologist, I am acutely aware of the issues Audrey Watters raises about educational technology practice as an undiscipline.

Keith Lyons presenting at AUSPIN, Canberra 2016. Photograph by Edgar Crook.

I have been posting on WordPress since June 2008. This blog aims to engage with a wide range of learning, teaching, coaching and performing issues.

This is a personal blog. Kate Carruthers has a great guide to rules of engagement for personal blogs. I try to follow her rules.

I have more information about my work on this GitHub page.

Photo Credit

Presenting at AUSPIN 2016 (Edgar Crook, CC BY 4.0)