Goal Scoring at in the Women’s Football Tournament in #Rio2016



I have a record of 66 goals scored at the Women’s Olympic Football Tournament in Rio 2016. This total does not include goals scored in penalty shoot outs.

My data are curated here.

As with other tournaments, I have recorded when goals are scored and have grouped these in time intervals. I use 15 minute segments of time as these correspond with extra time periods.

Some goals are scored in time added on at the end of each half of a game. I am mindful of these goals and note them in my record of the game.

When Were Goals Scored?



Three of the Stage Two games were decided by penalty shoot outs (Sweden v USA; Brazil v Australia; Sweden v Brazil). No goals were scored in extra time in these games.

Goal Scorers

The goal scorers (with links to their FIFA profile) in the Tournament were:

Goal Game Scorer Country Time
1 1 Nilla Fischer Sweden 76
2 2 Janine Beckie Canada 1
3 2 Christine Sinclair Canada 80
4 3 Monica Brazil 36
5 3 Andressa Alves Brazil 59
6 3 Cristiane Brazil 90
7 4 Sara Dabritz Germany 22
8 4 Alexandra Popp Germany 36
9 4 Kudakwashe Basopo Zimbabwe 50
10 4 Melanie Behringer Germany 53
11 4 Melanie Behringer Germany 78
12 4 Melanie Leupolz Germany 83
13 4 Eunice Chibanda (OG) Germany 90
14 5 Carli Lloyd USA 9
15 5 Alex Morgan USA 46
16 6 Carolina Arias (OG) France 2
17 6 Eugenie Le Sommer France 14
18 6 Camile Abily France 42
19 6 Amel Majri France 82
Goal Game Scorer Country Time
20 7 Janine Beckie Canada 7
21 7 Christine Sinclair Canada 19
22 7 Janine Beckie Canada 35
23 7 Mavis Chirandu Zimbabwe 86
24 8 Carli Lloyd USA 63
25 9 Samantha Kerr Australia 6
26 9 Caitlin Foord Australia 45
27 9 Sara Dabritz Germany 45+2
28 9 Saskia Bartusiak Germany 88
29 10 Yasha Gu China 45+1
30 10 Ruyin Tan China 87
31 11 Amber Hearn New Zealand 31
32 12 Beatriz Brazil 21
33 12 Cristiane Brazil 24
34 12 Marta Brazil 44
35 12 Marta Brazil 80
36 12 Beatriz Brazil 86
37 12 Lotta Schelin Sweden 89
Goal Game Scorer Country Time
38 13 Lisa De Vanna Australia 2
39 13 Claire Polkinghorne Australia 15
40 13 Alanna Kennedy Australia 37
41 13 Kyah Simon Australia 50
42 13 Michelle Heyman Australia 55
43 13 Michelle Heyman Australia 66
44 13 Emmaculate Msipa Zimbabwe 90+1
45 14 Melanie Behringer Germany 13
46 14 Melissa Tancredi Canada 26
47 14 Melissa Tancredi Canada 60
48 15 Eugenie Le Sommer France 38
49 15 Louisa Cadamuro France 63
50 15 Louisa Cadamuro France 91
51 16 Catalina Usme Colombia 26
52 16 Crystal Dunn USA 41
53 16 Mallory Pugh USA 60
54 16 Catalina Usme Colombia 90
Goal Game Scorer Country Time
55 17 Stina Blackstenius Sweden 61
56 17 Alex Morgan USA 77
57 18 Melanie Behringer Germany 76
58 19 Sophie Schmidt Canada 56
59 22 Melanie Behringer Germany 21
60 22 Sara Dabritz Germany 59
61 23 Deanne Rose Canada 25
62 23 Christine Sinclair Canada 52
63 23 Beatriz Brazil 79
64 24 Dzsenifer Marozsan Germany 48
65 24 Linda Sembrant (OG) Germany 62
66 24 Stina Blackstenius Sweden 67

This table includes four goals that were scored in time added on at the end of each half (2 in the first half and two in the second half).

Scoring The First Goal

In the Group Games, the team that scored first did not lose in 15 of the 16 games played. Two of these 15 games were draws (Australia v Germany and Colombia v USA). The only team to score first and lose was Germany v Canada.

In Stage Two, the team that scored first did not lose any of the 6 games played. Sweden drew with the USA after scoring first but won the game in a penalty shoot out.

FIFA Ranking

Sweden (ranked 6th) and Canada (ranked 10th) were the two teams that played above their FIFA rankings in this Tournament.

Photo Credit

Asllani and Schelin make a secret sign? (Blondinrikard Fröberg, CC BY 2.0)

#AFL Momentum After A Bye Week: Round 22


Round 22 of the 2016 AFL season has been completed.

With one week left of the regular season, seven of the eight finals places have been confirmed. There is a mathematical opportunity for St Kilda to overtake North Melbourne but this requires a 25 goal win for St Kilda and a 25 goal defeat for North Melbourne.

I have been tracking each team’s performance after their bye week.

This is my view of the momentum direction after a bye for all eighteen teams.


The pattern for the six teams who had a bye week in Week 13 of the season is:


For Week 14 byes:


Week 15:


The data used to create the charts can be found here.

Photo Credit

Gate 6 Crowd (Michael Coghlan, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Losing and Finding


I read a story of loss this morning.

It had a powerful impact on and in me.

It was not about a medal table or a game, it was about a person.

The story resonates powerfully with conversations I have been having with a group of coaches over the last four years. It is a story about absence, love and family.

The storyteller is Mladen Jovanovic.

Mladen was appointed a strength and conditioning coach at Port Adelaide Football Club for the 2016 season. He moved from Qatar to take up his appointment.

I am immense admirer of his approach to life. This makes me particularly sensitive to his story of loss.

I hope you make time to read his story. It is a powerful antidote to mechanistic and investment in excellence approaches to sport performance.

Mladen is leaving Australia to be with his son in Serbia:

I decided that seeing my son twice a year was not a stellar career I wanted to make and I have decided to put him and his needs first, over any job. I am by far not the greatest father, but at least I am more around him now. Deciding to get back to Serbia, where everyone wants to leave out, was not an easy decision to make, but being around family beats all the drawbacks …

I am delighted for him that he has made this decision.

I do believe family and love define all of us. For too long in high performance sport, we have normalised the immense cost of being involved in the daily training environment.

I am optimistic that Mladen and his son will flourish by being near each other and sharing those wonderful early years of play and exploration.

Mladen’s career will blossom too.

Losing is finding.

Photo Credit

Staircase (Nikos Koutoulas, CC BY-NC 2.0)