I was sitting at my computer this morning checking emails and news when up popped a single Google Alert for CCK08. Today’s alert was for Malinka Ivanova‘s post on Microblogging in Education.
I thought her post was a great example of someone investing energy in support of a community of practice (around Plurk and Twitter). (Shortly after I posted this I received Stephen’s OLDaily with his link to Malinka and his follow up on Plurk.)
I noticed that Malinka had a Sprout at the start of her post and I followed her lead to Sprout. I am keen to explore tools that make sharing possible and I had not seen Sprout before (and missed news of the beta launch January 2008, Marshall Kirkpatrick’s review and Raj Boora’s post in February).
This is my first Sprout project (I could not embed it in WordPress but did post it at Posterous). I realise that I am a long way away from the potential uses I could make of SproutBuilder!
I thought I would share it here as a marker in my learning about mashing resources.
After posting this I spent some time working on Sprout and followed up with registration for Plurk. Within a few minutes I had met Jo McLeay


  1. Hello Keith, Nice to meet you! I have always been passionate about enhancement of a learning process via new technologies and educators’ community of practice via microblog is an excellent opportunity for this aim. I hope that you found these tools useful. Malinka

  2. Hi Keith,
    Thanks very much for pointing out Sprout. I’ve heard it in passing before but never given it a proper investigation. I’ll need to rectify that 🙂
    Hope your new year is a good one! Also, I’ve never said this before I don’t think but thanks very much for your support and encouragement. Your feedback and input on my blog has been very valuable to me over the last few months and I really appreciate you having taken the time to do it!


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