Goals scored in Pool A #RWLC17 after five days of play

The Women’s Lacrosse World Cup is being played at the Guildford Sports Park.
The official web site for the tournament has a Results and Stats page.
The six teams in Pool A of the tournament have all played four games.
Monday is a rest day in Pool A. The table going into the rest day is:

223 goals have been scored in Pool A.
Winners of games have scored 166 goals (86 first half, 80 second half) and losers 57 (30 first half, 27 second half) 
I have been monitoring when goals are scored in five-minute time intervals. So far, the pattern is:

Note that winners are able to lift their performance at the start of the second half. In game 42, USA v Canada, USA scored six times in ten minutes at the start of the second half.
Photo Credit
USA v Canada (Nik Roberts, Twitter)


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