#FIFAWWC: Group Games

The Group Games have concluded at the 2019 World Cup (link). There were six Groups (A to F) and thirty-six games.

The results in these Groups (Elo rating in brackets) were:

The legend for these results is:

Green: an expected win based on Elo rating. Blue: an expected defeat based on Elo rating. Gold: an unexpected draw or win based on Elo rating. Red: an unexpected draw or loss based on Elo rating. White: a no score draw. The data are available as a Google Sheet (link).

There were eight notable results in the Group Games: Australia defeated by Italy (link); Korea Republic’s loss to Nigeria (link); Scotland’s draw with Argentina (link); New Zealand’s defeat by Cameroon (link); Canada’s loss to the Netherlands (link); Thailand defeated by Chile (link). There were two no score draws: Argentina v Japan (link); Spain v China PR (link).


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