Red Rose Coaches: After Lunch Discussion 1

Chris Grant introduced the afternoon session with a discussion of turning around a failing team. He emphasised:

  • Taking a good look at yourself first.
  • Being able to notice the ‘me’ in the team dynamic.

The first activity of the afternoon was a two person activity. Person A made up a story sentence by sentence and Person B interjected a word that has nothing to do with the story which then had to be included in the story line by Person A. Chris discussed this as an example of a drill opportunity for a group. He discussed the role each person took. Chris explored the characteristics of culture as “the stories that are told” and the ways groups may share these stories. Chris emphasised the conversational nature of these exchanges. He pointed out that the exercise had simple rules that enabled story tellers to flourish.

He exemplified this with a discussion of boids.
Chris explored the role of basic rules in team for Working Activity. He emphasised the importance of clear and enforced rules. This led to a whole group discussion about rules and contexts.
The conversation moved to a consideration of leadership and captaincy in relation to content, process and energy.
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Red Knots in Flight


  1. […] In essence this is a post that reflects on the kinds of learning environments coaches creature, nurture and aspire to develop. Flow is intoxicating when experienced and I think we can work to awaken athletes’ senses to flow in daily training environments so that its presence in competition is just another manifestation of it. This kind of approach prioritises energy and process. […]


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