Red Rose Coaches and Digging

Chris Grant discussed the digging required to turn around a failing team. He suggested a first look at fitness for purpose and an examination of  deeper assumptions held by you and others. How can we have a productive look at these assumptions?

Chris discussed projection as a characteristic of a failing team. Projection “takes place when participants unconsciously project their own feelings onto other group members and or the facilitator.” He added that “this is particularly likely to happen in cases where the person does not want to recognise that they have these feelings.”
Chris considered transference too. This process involves participants unconsciously “transferring to the leader feelings and expectations which actually relate to some other person from the past.”
This part of the day concluded with a discussion of projective identification (a psychological process in which a person engages in the ego defense mechanism projection in such a way that their behavior towards the object of projection invokes in that person precisely the thoughts, feelings or behaviors projected).
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