Cairos Goal-Line Technology

Cairos 01
Yesterday FIFA added Cairos Technologies AG as a third licensed goal-line technology supplier.
A FIFA press statement noted:

  • The CAIROS system was tested by the independent Swiss institute EMPA.
  • Tests were conducted in December 2012 at Karlsruhe’s Wildparkstadion, and then at ATSV Mutschelbach.
  •  CAIROS Technologies AG began to evaluate a broad range of technologies back in 2000, and has since developed a magnetic field-based technological solution to help officials determine whether or not the ball has completely crossed the line.

The Cairos system has a sensor in the ball to pick up information from the wires embedded in the pitch.
Cairos have a two camera tracking system, VIS.Track, for analysing performance in real-time.
An update on goal-line technology is an agenda item for this Saturday’s meeting of the International Football Association Board in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Goal-Line Technology will be used in the Premier League in the 2013-2014 season.
FIFA have announced that GoalControl has been added to the list of companies bidding to install their systems at the World Cup. GoalControl GmbH is based in Wurselen, Germany. Their system uses 14 high-speed cameras located around the pitch directed at both goals.
“The position of the ball is continually and automatically captured in three dimensions – using X, Y and Z co-ordinates – as soon as it approaches the goal-line. When the ball has completely crossed the line, the central analysis unit sends an encrypted signal to the referee’s watch in less than a second. GoalControl-4D can be used with both standard goalposts and balls.” More information about the system here.
GoalControl GmbH underwent tests at Dusseldorf’s Esprit-Arena and the Veltins-Arena in Gelsenkirchen in February 2013.


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