NESC Forum 2009: Michael Flynn and Hamish Jeacocke

Wes Battams introduced Michael Flynn and Hamish Jeacocke to present on Finding the edge: a case study with Triathlon. Michael discussed his learning journey through observation and experience and introduced his theme of innovation through survival with this video: Michael drew attention to the lessons that can be learned from: The Australian coat of arms … Continue reading NESC Forum 2009: Michael Flynn and Hamish Jeacocke

#ACUGCPA18 #PerformanceAnalysis: Adam, Hamish and Mitch

I had the pleasure of presenting with Adam Hewitt, Hamish Jeacocke and Mitch Mooney on Day 1 of #ACUGCPA18. Each has given me permission to share their presentations as an archive of the day. I really enjoyed the three presentations of colleagues (and friends) whom I hold in the highest regard. Adam Will it make … Continue reading #ACUGCPA18 #PerformanceAnalysis: Adam, Hamish and Mitch

Monday morning #ACUGCPA18

I had an opportunity to meet students enrolled in the the Australian Catholic University’s  2018 cohort of the Graduate Certificate in Performance Analysis course. My co-presenters on Monday morning were, Adam Hewitt and Hamish Jeacocke. We have known each other for over a decade. I have a resource sheet for my presentation (A Partial History … Continue reading Monday morning #ACUGCPA18