Monday morning #ACUGCPA18

I had an opportunity to meet students enrolled in the the Australian Catholic University’s  2018 cohort of the Graduate Certificate in Performance Analysis course.
My co-presenters on Monday morning were, Adam Hewitt and Hamish Jeacocke. We have known each other for over a decade.
I have a resource sheet for my presentation (A Partial History of Performance Analysis).

I am looking forward to sharing Adam and Hamish’s presentations too.
At the end of my presentation, the students kindly listened to my thoughts on internship. I am mindful that everyone in the room was contemplating a career pathway in performance analysis. My basic position was that we needed to value internships appropriately and that we do not need to mandate an undergraduate and/or postgraduate qualifications. (Craig Duncan made a very important observation about mentorship of interns and the value that could be added to learning experiences.)
One of the students in the room was on a career pathway that has not included an undergraduate degree. I am delighted ACU enabled him to participate in the course by acknowledging his prior learning experience. He is a contributor to The Cumberland Throw blog.

After my talk, I reflected on how a cohort of students might be part of a transformation generation at a time of profound change in the role of performance analyst.
Photo Credit
Adam presenting (Keith Lyons, CC BY 4.0)


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