#RWC2019: Game Content

The official 2019 Rugby World Cup website provided statistical information for each of the 48 games played (link). I have curated some of these data in a GitHub repository (link).

I used ggplot with the geom_point size function to visualise some of the game content from these curated data. I have indicated the range of data available for the game content presented.






My hope is that the availability of the data in the GitHub repository may lead to different kinds of analysis. After forty-eight games, my median profile of a World Cup game at this tournament has:

  • 264 passes
  • 58 kicks
  • 25 lineouts
  • 14 scrums
  • 16 Penalties and free kicks conceded

The median profile suggested there were approximately 4 passes per kick and almost two lineouts to each scrum.

I have created a Glide app (link) to share information about the yellow and red cards at this tournament. There were thirty-six cards given at the tournament (28 yellow and 8 red cards).

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