NESC Forum 2009: Michael Flynn and Hamish Jeacocke

Wes Battams introduced Michael Flynn and Hamish Jeacocke to present on Finding the edge: a case study with Triathlon.

Michael discussed his learning journey through observation and experience and introduced his theme of innovation through survival with this video:


Michael drew attention to the lessons that can be learned from:

  • The Australian coat of arms
  • A circle the wagons under attack.
  • Geese flying in formation



Michael’s vision for the edge is fundamental clarity. Like Peter Keen, he wishes to have goals that are a real test for big dreams. He emphasised the need to plan first, attract the best people, identify passionate loyal colleagues and risk takers.

Michael’s talk was interwoven with data presentations by Hamish Jeacocke. Hamish presented results data from 1997 to the present for all three triathlon disciplines and overall race results. Michael explored the implications of these data for technical and tactical developments in triathlon.


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