QR Codes: January 2012 Update

I received an alert to David Hopkins’ QR Code post this week. As well as sharing a QR Code infographic, David provided news of a workshop to be held on 31 January hosted by Bournemouth University and the Higher Education Academy¬† Using QR Codes in Higher Education. David points out that: The idea for a … Continue reading QR Codes: January 2012 Update

QR Codes: September Update

Cathy Oxley is a regular contributor to the Diigo Teacher-Librarian Group. She is a treasure trove of information. Recently she pointed to a University of Central Florida Libraries’ presentation by Aysegul Kapucu and Rebecca Murphey (12 August) on QR codes. I have embedded the presentation here for reference. By the time I found the Slideshare … Continue reading QR Codes: September Update