Hearing Voices (2)

Last month, I wrote about Jessie J one of the coaches in The Voice Australia.
I mentioned that Jessie:

  • Observes carefully.
  • Challenges.
  • Listens for changes in response.
  • Has a strong sense of fairness.
  • Is fallible.
  • Empathises.
  • Is demanding.
  • Has very high expectations for her team and of herself.

Last night, Jessie J’s team member, Ellie Drennan, won the final of the competition.
Jessie is 27 years of age. Ellie is 16.
I do think what they achieved together has important insights for anyone involved in 1-to-1 coaching. I think there are lessons here for team coaches too, particularly when inducting younger players into teams.
Each year, I find The Voice a great opportunity to think more generally about coaching young people. Like other performing and creative arts experiences, it invites me to re-calibrate how I understand and describe performance.

Photo Credits

The Voice Australia Facebook (header) and Program (picture) pages.


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