QR Codes: January 2012 Update

I received an alert to David Hopkins’ QR Code post this week.
As well as sharing a QR Code infographic, David provided news of a workshop to be held on 31 January hosted by Bournemouth University and the Higher Education Academy  Using QR Codes in Higher Education.
David points out that:

The idea for a workshop focused on experiences and good practice in the use of QR codes within Higher Education (HE) has been triggered by the overwhelming interest in David Hopkins’ and Milena Bobeva’s conference poster “Quick Response (QR) Codes in Education: The Business School Experience” shared via social networks such as SlideShare and Twitter in June 2011. Since the presentation of the poster, the scope of using the codes within the Bournemouth University Business School have expanded beyond marketing, programme contact details and directions to learning resources. The latest implementation of QR Codes has been as part of the Induction programmes for students starting their studies at the University. The team is now looking forward to the next evolutionary stage for QR Codes in Higher Education and identifying new uses of QR Codes and evaluation of the experience within the HE sector.

A day after writing this post I read Tammy Worcester’s Tech Tip of the Week 110. She offers guidelines to auto generate a QR Code in a Google Spreadsheet. Tammy has two other QR tips (95 and 96).


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