Quick Response (QR) Codes 2

I wrote about Quick Response (QR) Codes in January. Yesterday I was working in an open access space at the University of Canberra and started a conversation with colleagues about using QR codes in teaching and learning commons.
I was inspired by the conversation and spent part of the day exploring QR code generators and QR readers. After searching through some options I chose:
Kaywa QR Code Generator
QR Reader for iPhone
I found the QR Reader through an excellent post by Josh Sunshine.The bonus for me is that the Reader is a free application as is the Kaywa code generator.
I do not have an Android phone but a trusted colleague recommended ZXing’s Barcode Scanner.
The Kaywa OR Code Generator created this link to this blog post:

To my website:

This link to a text message:

This link to a picture stored on Flickr:

I include them in this post to initiate my own exploration of QR Codes in open spaces. My colleagues in the Teaching Commons at the University of Canberra have offered to create QR spaces for this exploration. They have suggested too that I consider allocating bit.ly addresses for these images so that there can be some evidence about use.

I am thinking about developing a discovery trail around the University guided by QR codes. News about this in my next QR post.


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