My son, Sam, has just written a post about systems and networks (link). I found the post really interesting in a paternal sense and an epistemological sense. The paternal part of me is delighted to read a blog post by Sam and to learn about his observations and reflections as a member of the #INF537 … Continue reading Networks

Roots, branches … networks

Thanks to my wife Sue’s reading interests, I was alerted to an article in a United Kingdom newspaper about Judi Dench. In the article, Judi Dench talks about her love of trees. Over three decades she has transformed her garden into a woodland. She started planting trees to remember a relative or friend. Her fascination … Continue reading Roots, branches … networks

#coachlearninginsport: self-organising networks

Last month, I was invited to join a group of coaches in an online forum. I was delighted to be asked but I have spent much of the time as a peripheral participant … enjoying the open sharing but not contributing. I thought listening might be a good way to start in a group of … Continue reading #coachlearninginsport: self-organising networks