Becoming Social

This post started with someone sharing this flow diagram with me:

I have not eaten bacon for twenty years but the diagram made complete sense to me … apart from not having a dog called Dante (what a great name for a dog).
In terms of being social:

  • Someone sent the flow chart to me
  • They thought I would find it amusing
  • I sent it on to some friends thinking that they might find it amusing.

The friends I wrote to liked the flow chart and sent it on to their friends. I researched the origin of the diagram (Miss Fipi Lele, 2007) and found a link to a post in February 2009. I have asked my friends to acknowledge the origins of the diagram if they use it.
I last read Harold Garfinkel’s Studies in Ethnomethodology just before I stopped eating bacon but the flow chart brought back memories of his work (a clear case of synesthesia). I am particularly interested in how we become social and I liked Garfinkel’s approach to how we make sense of the world.

Whilst pondering bacon and ethnomethodology I listened to a delightful Life Matters program on Radio National. In the course of a one hour program, Richard Aedy explored:

All three stories shared insights about social behaviour through the eyes of three remarkable people: Gordian Fulde, Deborah Rhode and Mireille Guilano. Their insights affirmed for me Garfinkel’s approach to life worlds. Each understood their social being in ways that provide astute observations for those interested in shared meanings.
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Bacon Flowchart
A woman painting a view of the Shenandoah Valley



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