Women's Olympic Football Tournament 2016: Round 1 Group Games



The Women’s Olympic Football Tournament in Rio has started. Round 1 games were played on Wednesday 3 August.
The schedule of games can be found here.
I am aggregating some of the data from the tournament in this Google Sheet.
It is my small contribution to conversations about sport data focussed on women’s performance.

Secondary Data

I am collecting data from the FIFA website. I am making the assumption that the data shared there provide a record of fact assured by FIFA.
I am interested in:

  • When goals are scored.
  • Performance compared to FIFA ranking.
  • The team that scores the first goal.
  • The discipline of each team (cards received).

Goals Scored Round 1

There were 19 goals scored in the six games of Round 1 of the tournament. Two of these goals were own goals (Eunice Chibanda, Zimbawe; Carolina Arias, Colombia).
The scorers were:
My Google Sheet has hyperlinks to information about each goalscorer.

Time Intervals

I am using fifteen minute time intervals to record when goals are scored in the tournament. I am mindful of the issue of additional time after 45 and 90 minutes and how these might be accounted. For the purposes of this tournament I will note any goals scored in time added on at the end of each half.
In Round 1, the profile of goals scored was:
Time Periods

FIFA Ranking and Scoring First

All six games in Round 1 were won by the team scoring first.
The higher FIFA ranked team won five of the six games. The exception was Canada (ranked 10) who defeated Australia (ranked 5).
The FIFA rankings of the teams in the tournament are:


There were eleven yellow cards and one straight red card given by referees in Round 1. Eight yellow cards were to the losing teams in the round. Canada was the only winning team to receive more cards than their losing opponents (2 yellow cards and 1 straight red card compared to 0). France and Colombia received one yellow card each.

Photo Credit

Maracana Stadium (Around the Rings 1992, CC BY-ND 2.0)


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