Microcontent: mode share and cycling infrastructure

Maëlle Salmon has a GitHub account (link).

One of her repositories is titled cycle_share_infrastructure (link). Her Read.md page (link), Mode share and cycling infrastructure in some European countries, introduces her PASTA work. She provides excellent R code to assist anyone keen to explore this issue.

Maëlle’s work is cited in an announcement made in January 2018 (link) on active involvement in cycling. It includes reference to a paper in Preventive Medicine titled Health impact assessment of cycling network expansions in European cities (link).

The Abstract of the paper starts with these two sentences: “We conducted a health impact assessment (HIA) of cycling network expansions in seven European cities. We modeled the association between cycling network length and cycling mode share and estimated health impacts of the expansion of cycling networks.

Photo Credit

Cycle path (Barcelona Cycle Network, link)


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