Curation and Kindness

Earlier today, an item in Stephen Downes’ OLDaily took me to a Sue Waters post. In her discussion of the importance of curation, Sue observes: Curation is a life skill and an important part of being digitally literate. ¬†Educators need to know how to curate information so they can teach students how they can curate … Continue reading Curation and Kindness

Curation, Devices and Analytics

Connectivism works for me. I have a small number of aggregation tools that help me stay connected each day. These tools link me to remarkably creative and insightful people. Whilst on the road in England this week I have been: Trying to follow a Digital Curation open course on Curatr. This is a Vimeo introduction … Continue reading Curation, Devices and Analytics

Remembering Lloyd: Celebrating Curation

Today was a serendipity day. This morning, I read a post by Anita Brooks Kirkland about the role of the teacher-librarian as a curator.¬† She concludes: In the early days of the Internet we sometimes had to justify our existence. After all, who needed libraries and librarians when we had the Internet? Fast-forward to 2013 … Continue reading Remembering Lloyd: Celebrating Curation