Can You End A Writing Week?

An intense five days of writing is coming to a close in the Faculty of Health at the University of Canberra. As I was composing the title of this post it struck me that Writing Weeks cannot end! I think we have shared a remarkable social dynamic this week that will have its own half-life.

Many years ago I was fascinated by Wolfgang Iser‘s ideas around The Implied Reader and the links to hermeneutics. I realise I must return to his other work The Act of Reading (1976). David Albertson’s essay (2000) helped me revisit Iser.

Searching for ideas this week took me back to Elliot Eisner too.
I think this week has been a great opportunity to share the experience of writing. Some colleagues have used the time to progress their part-time PhD studies. One of whom has noted “Writing week for me has been great – no meetings and interruptions makes a big difference”.
Whilst looking for some Creative Commons photographs of Canberra I returned to Sam Ilic’s Flickr photostream. This sunset photograph over Yerrabi Pond has a great title for our reading week development… Doubt Whom You Will But Never Yourself.

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Jumping for Joy
Balancing Act
Wolfgang Iser


  1. Yes, writing week has been terrific and I certainly hope that it will continue for next year. I know I would not have achieved what I did this week without it and it was a pleasure to have the time to get ‘into the zone’ again without the interruptions of meeetings etc throughout the day.
    Thanks to all who organised a successful week.


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