#BBL Performances after 26 games in the 2019-2020 season

Game 26 of the BBL 2019-2020 season concluded with the Perth Scorchers defeating the Melbourne Renegades (link).

After 26 games and excluding all games that did not play 20 overs, the median score for winners is 169 runs and for losers 148 runs.

The team that has batted first has won 13 games and 9 second innings. Four games did not have 20 overs (Heat v Thunder, Strikers v Thunder, Strikers v Scorchers, Heat v Stars).

The rate required to win games in the second innings ranged from 13 to 21 runs per partnership. The rate is set by the runs scored by the team batting first.

In Game 26, the Renegades batted first and set a rate of 18 runs per wicket. The Renegades partnership profile (the black line) demonstrates the importance of partnerships in BBL. The fourth wicket partnership was 71 runs. This meant that for the Scorchers to win the team would need to be very patient and mindful of shot selection.

Renegades’ First Innings

The Scorchers batted second and opened with a first wicket partnership of 102 runs and as a result were ahead of the required rate:

Scorchers’ Second Innings

A comparison of the two teams:

The Scorchers’ partnerships kept them ahead of the rate and the Renegades. The Scorchers had four partnerships: 102, 26, 18, 24 and 8. The Renegades’ biggest partnership was 71 for the fourth wicket. The Renegades were 1 for 1 after Aaron Finch was dismissed on the third ball in the first over (link).

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Perth Scorchers (Perth Scorchers, Twitter)


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