2017 in review: curating an open educational resource for sport informatics and analytics

In the last year, I have been able to spend time on most days curating the OERu course Sport Informatics and Analytics.  The ease of editing Wikieducator makes this curation a delight rather than an obligation.
One of the features of the OERu guidelines for course sharing is the inclusion of an outline for the course that contains links to all pages and sections. This outline has grown significantly in 2017 as I have added topics to the course. I am particularly interested how these links (120 at the moment) can be used as microcontent and create an opportunity for open badges in 2018.
The main sections of the course are:

Course description


Pattern Recognition

Performance Monitoring

Audiences and Messages

Ethical Issues

The Quantified Self

Using R

Visualising Data


Communities of Practice

Knowledge Discovery



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