A late Type A game

Type A games are those in which a team dominates and wins convincingly. I have 22 examples from European football this season (link).

These games tend to be won early. Occasionally, they are won late.

There was an excellent example of a late Type A result in the Ligue 1 this weekend in the game between Stade Brest and Toulouse (link). Toulouse were at home and were leading the game 2v1 until the 72nd minute. Stade Brest then scored four goals in 13 minutes (72, 77, 79, 85). In doing so the exhibited paradigm Type A behaviour: scoring multiple goals close together.

Stade Brest are 14th in Ligue 1, Toulose are the 2oth and bottom team in the league (link).

Photo Credit

Stade Brest (SportPesaGames, Twitter)


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