Researching War Time VFL Games

This is the cover of the book. The picture shaped in an oval is of the Lone Pine Cemetary and Memorial Gallipoli
Bruce Coe has an insatiable interest in Australian sport history.
Our meetings always surprise me about the depth and width of his research activity.
His latest enterprise with Bruce Kennedy is to produce an account of the Victorian Football League during two World Wars.
Brendan Nelson has written a Foreword to the book. In it he writes:

Despite being an indelible part of Australia’s fabric, only in more recent times has the history of sport in this country become a topic of serious study. … this book fills an important gap in our knowledge, enhancing our understanding of Australian sport during wartime, and thereby deepening our awareness of the social and cultural interconnections between sport and war.

Bruce Coe is one of the bastions of sport history scholarship in Australia. With Bruce Kennedy, the VFL book exemplifies this scholarship. I am delighted to have received an advanced copy of this lavishly illustrated history.
It adds to my interest in and understanding of sport history methodology and narrative.
Bibliographical note
No Umpires In This Game is published by Bruce Coe and Bruce Kennedy, 2016. It has the ISBN number 978-0-646-94515-6.


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