I have been following a LinkedIn discussion initiated by Dave Willoughby in the Performance Analysis in Sport Group.
Dave posted about Unpaid Internships on his blog on 16 April. I thought Dave’s analysis of internship advertisements over an eighteen month period was very helpful in providing a focus for discussion.
The LinkedIn discussion has had 20 responses to date. Yesterday, Josh Bryan provided a link in the discussion to the BASES position stand on graduate on internships (pdf).
I think the distinction between volunteer, worker and employee is an excellent clarification of a continuum of opportunities. It took me back to my reading of Max Weber four decades ago and to the distinction between values and being valued.
I thought the BASES decision tree (Figure 1 in the stand document) about internship pathways was very helpful.
This position stand and the LinkedIn exchanges have helped me think more deeply about the ways we share learning experiences and how a community of practice can support its members. This is my second post on this topic. My first post was written a month ago.


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