Accredible: Sharing Learning Experiences

I received an alert from Adam Brimo yesterday about Accredible. On the Accredible Blog, the founders note: Here at Accredible, we’ve been working hard to improve the way that credentials and certificates are generated across MOOCs, university courses also as wider learning by using peer-review and reputational networks to determine and maintain quality. Accredible propose that … Continue reading Accredible: Sharing Learning Experiences

Open for Learning: Supporting Coach Education and Development

Introduction I was hoping to attend the Sport Leadership sportif Conference in Calgary in November. I was looking forward to presenting a paper with David Legg and Stephen Price. The title of the paper is Open for Learning: Supporting Coach Development Online. Our aim was to combine insights from Australia and Canada to discuss open … Continue reading Open for Learning: Supporting Coach Education and Development

Connecting 131006

Earlier this month, Katherine Schulten asked What might “connected teaching” or “connected learning” — that is, using technology to build communities and share knowledge — look like in practice? She shares twenty-eight examples of connections in her blog post. I was thinking about Seth Godin and his Krypton course initiative as I read her post. … Continue reading Connecting 131006