Judging Canoe Slalom: 2009 Gates

This is a brief video to support the training of officials for gate judging in canoe slalom. The video was filmed at the Penrith Whitewater Stadium in July 2009 at the Selection Race for the World Championships. The gates used in the video comply with the ICF’s Canoe Slalom Competition Rules 2009 (see Sections 27-30 for information about Marking of the Gates (27), Negotiation (28), Penalties (29), and Signalling by the Judges (30)).
[wpvideo Mfse4L0A]
There is no audio commentary in the video to enable any user to create their own voice over. There is a water sound track. The video has an embed code. The video was compressed for this blog post (approximately 25 Mb). There is a 1Gb file available if required.
Key Points

  1. There are two sets of four gates.
  2. Gates 1-4 involve two of the new gate set ups. Gate 1 is a downstream gate where the paddler must pass to her or his right to negotiate the downstream gate correctly. Gate 4 is an upstream gate on the left side of the course. The video shows the gate line of both these gates.
  3. The sequence of Gates 14-17 has two ‘new’ gates and a split gate. Gate 14 is an upstream gate on the left side of the course. Gate 15 is a split gate and the paddler must negotiate it to her or his right of the top pole. Gate 17 is a downstream gate and the paddler must negotiate this to their left of the single pole hanging over the water.
  4. Examples of paddlers negotiating the course are included in the video.

Note that the video illustrates the potential lines of recirculation for gate 1 if a paddler misses the pole to the left.
The video is included here under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 Australia licence.



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