I have been working through a great deal of archived material of late. I have managed to save most of my on-line work since 1991 and have stored it in a variety of locations. At some point I am keen to return to a decade of rugby union performance data that I have on file!
Amidst a lot of other material I have found a copy of a presentation I made at the Sports Coach 1998 Conference in Melbourne, Australia. I have posted the presentation (Working to Enhance Performance) on SlideShare. Discovering the presentation in the archive reminded me that I had asked permission from a local company in Wales to take with me one of the first commercially available digital cameras.
I had the opportunity to try out the camera in advance and used it with my coaching group at Symonds Yat before I flew to Melbourne for the conference. I used the camera in Melbourne too to illustrate my talk. I thought that was quite an innovative thing to do at the time.
Melbourne 01
This is the presentation:
[slideshare id=1682919&doc=981127workingtoenhanceperformance-090704213524-phpapp01]
By coincidence I met again last week one of the coaches who attended my talk in Melbourne. We had an opportunity to talk about developments in professional sport coaching and the convergence of technologies that seemed such a prospect in 1998 but is now part of our taken-for-grantedness of everyday life. Our meeting reminded me too about the biographical part of knowledge sharing and that innovation and early adoption of ideas are an important dynamic in the pursuit of excellence.


  1. aaah, memories! i was at the presentation too, and, for the only time in my life, went and spoke to the presenter afterwards.


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