This page aggregates posts written for and shared with the Irish Performance Analysis Exchange (IPAX).

Posts include:

Some fledgling ideas (23 June 2017)

Developing resources (12 August 2017)

Creating an autoresponse resource (23 August 2017)

Spring cleaning #OERuSIA ready for #Abbotsthon17 (8 September 2017)


#Abbotsthon17 at #HPX17 is on (5 October 2017)

Reflecting on #abbotsthon17 and #HPX17 (8 October 2017)

Visualising patterns – Alan, boxing and Sankey (11 October 2017)

Corresponding to connect a self-organising group (21 October 2017)

Thinking about unmeetings (15 December 2017)

A New Year’s Letter from Abbotstown to #IPAX


Intelligence Augmentation