This post has a very short, single letter title.
The single letter has occupied a lot of my time since we met in Dublin. I see it as an integral part of what performance analysis and performance analytics will be as we start to see opportunities in sport to be an insights researcher and practitioner.
The more I have investigated R ( a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics) the more I have become fascinated by the community that has built up around the use of R and RStudio.

Mara Averick has been my guide to this community. She has just presented at a conference (#DDXT18). The title of her talk was Pilgrim’s Progress: a journey from confusion to contribution. If you have time I think you will find it a valuable read.
Many of Mara’s leads have enabled me to add resources to this R page on the Sport Informatics and Analytics course.
Mara and her colleagues (including vibrant global #RLadies communities) share openly. There is a Dublin group celebrating a year of activity:

Here are some of the resources Mara and her network have shared:
Jenny Bryan on workflow.
Greg Wilson and his colleagues on ‘good enough’ practices in computing.
Tracy Teal and her colleagues (from 2015) on data literacy.
I have started to add Mara and her colleagues’s recommendations and links as bookmarks in my Chrome browser so that I can revisit them in my time.
I use Google Sheets, Slides and Docs a good deal so I am delighted I have been alerted to:

A guide to connecting Google Sheets to R.
And a range of resources to build Shiny Apps.
I hope you do not mind me sharing these with you. I keep thinking that if I share the time I have spent searching then it adds to the momentum of #IPAX.

I am keen to be part of a growing and sharing #IPAX community in 2018. I believe the energy displayed by the R community is exemplary and a model for us.
We all become connectors through our practice. We do have lots to share.

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