#Abbotsthon17: creating an autoresponse resource

I have spent a week developing a MailChimp autoresponder campaign for #Abbotsthon17 in Dublin in October.

My interest in autoresponse emails was encouraged by my experience of an Open Badge campaign. I have written about my thoughts about the microlearning opportunities of autoresponse in this post written last month.

The #Abbotsthon17 campaign comprises 8 emails, 8 blog posts and a variety of hyperlinks to the OERu Sport Informatics and Analytics course.

I have piloted the course with some educational technology colleagues and have used their insights to refine the course. I am looking forward to sharing the course in the next month as an introduction to the meeting in October.

I am keen to hear of anyone else’s use of autoresponse design.

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Chariot of Life (Keith Lyons, CC BY 4.0)

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