Produsing Olympic Images

The Sochi Opening Ceremony has prompted some interesting produsage of images. This T-shirt appeared for sale on 10 February.   The Olympic Charter (7.4) states: The Olympic symbol, flag, motto, anthem, identifications (including but not limited to “Olympic Games” and “Games of the Olympiad”), designations, emblems, flame and torches, as defined in Rules 8-14 below, … Continue reading Produsing Olympic Images

Produsing Resources

This week in the Sport Coaching Pegagogy unit at the University of Canberra we are looking at Produsage. There is a SlideCast of the lecture. I was thinking of how to discuss produsage when up popped a delightful tweet from Catherine Deveny during the Twitter frenzy about the #spill. I will encourage the group to … Continue reading Produsing Resources