#SCP12 Produsing Resources for Teaching and Coaching

This is week 10 of the Sport Coaching Pedagogy unit at the University of Canberra.
This week’s theme is Produsing resources.
Although my spellchecker and search engines want me to write Producing, it is Produsing.
I am grateful to Axel Bruns for providing a great deal of information about Produsing.
He points out:

In the online, networked, information economy, participants are not simply passive consumers, but active users, with some of them participating more strongly with a focus only on their own personal use, some of them participating more strongly in ways which are inherently constructive and productive of social networks and communal content. These latter users occupy a hybrid position of being both users and what in traditional terms would have to be described loosely as producers: they are productive users, or produsers, engaged in the act of produsage.

This week’s presentation focuses on this hybrid role.
I thought I would reintroduce Gary Brolsma into this discussion. I have missed the creativity stimulated by Numa Numa.
This is the SlideCast of the presentation.
[slideshare id=12492849&doc=scp12week10-120410173522-phpapp02]


  1. Hi Keith,
    Thank you for your presentation, I really enjoyed it. A particular aspect that has been driven home to me within the Sport Coaching Pedagogy Unit, are the small ‘baby steps’ or the (sometimes large) learning curve it takes in using the various social media platforms. But as I’m becoming more familiar with the platforms, the baby steps become more adult like.
    Thanks again

    • Peter
      Thank you for finding the post and making time to comment.
      I agree entirely … small steps are enormous strides.
      Best wishes


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