Students as Produsers

I have an opportunity to present at this year’s ePortfolio Forum.
I have uploaded my SlideCast.
[slideshare id=26608580&doc=eportfolio1420keithlyons-130927030105-phpapp02]
I am sharing a PDF copy here for reference.
Students as Produsers
One of the quotes I use in the presentation is from Susan Bloom

If our ultimate goal is to educate human beings, then we must focus not only on knowledge and information, discipline and surveillance as measured by tests, but also on non-academic pleasures, motivations, skills, and the full array of human engagement that sustains attention and meaning.

I like the idea of “the full array of human engagement” and see produsing as an opportunity for this engagement.


Shortly after posting this I heard from Frances Bell. She and Helen Keegan have written (December 2011) about The Creative Practice of Students as Producers of Open Educational Resources. I am delighted Frances has shared this with me.
From the Abstract:

Rather than focusing on open media resources produced by expert practitioners for use by peers and learners, we examine the practice of learners as active agents, producing open media resources using the devices in their pockets: their mobile phones.



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