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Jo Gibson: Leadership Followership

I am delighted that my role at the University of Canberra makes it possible for me to supervise research students. One of the students I...

Following and Leading

Introduction This week, Mark Upton has shared two links about leadership (link). The first was by Paul Taylor and was titled Ending Our Obsession With Leadership...

Change and Leadership

My recent posts have looked at changes in roles in sporting organisations. I am struck by the diversity of roles in these organisations. What...

A Fra Mauro kind of week

Fra Mauro was a cartographer. He lived in the Republic of Venice in the fifteenth century. I found out about him in James Cowan's (1997)...

Coaching Ideas

Two fragments came together yesterday and sent me off thinking about coaching. The first came in an email message from Jo Gibson. She is writing...

#coachlearninginsport: knowing ourselves

Introduction Many, many years ago, I was introduced to 'epistemology' and 'ontology' in a political philosophy class at the University of York. I was enchanted...

Entangled, Following, Leading

I had the opportunity to visit Long Beach on Thursday. It is an hour's drive from my home in Braidwood, New South Wales. Long Beach...

On the Bus

Introduction I am looking forward to facilitating a workshop on Day 2 of the ECB's Leading to Performance Conference this week. This workshop is planned for...

Higher Degree Research

I was a full-time member of staff at the University of Canberra from March 2009 to November 2013. I am an Adjunct Professor at the...

Presenting and Retracting

In conversation with Jo Gibson today, I learned about a recent episode of This American Life. Jo and I were talking about eyewitness testimony, memory...

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