#SpCP13 Reflecting on Teaching and Coaching as a Vocation

It is the final week of the Sport Coaching Pedagogy unit at the University of Canberra.
This week I am looking forward to sharing just how much work the group has done in the 14 weeks of the unit.
In this final presentation (the end of the beginning), Max Weber meets Donald Schon meets Istvan Balyi meets coach educators and pedagogy researchers. A heady blend.
I am hopeful that everyone will appreciate that they have put into practice and experienced all five of the University’s and units generic skills and attributes for graduates:

  • Communicate
  • Analyse and inquire
  • Solve problems
  • Work independently and with others
  • Professional and socially responsible

This is the SlideShare presentation I have prepared:
[slideshare id=20776471&doc=reflectingoncoaching-130508005238-phpapp01]

Photo Credit

Hello Wave Goodbye (Sheldon Wood, CC BY_NC-SA 2.0)


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