Higher Degree Research

I was a member of staff at the University of Canberra from March 2009 to November 2013.

I am an Adjunct Professor at the University and supervise higher degree students.

This is the University’s information about higher degree study. This is a link to the University of Canberra Research Institute for Sport and Exercise home page.



  • Robin Poke (A Social History of Australian Rowing, 1815 – 2012).

Leadership and Followership

  • Jo Gibson (Leadership followership: A storied process study of entanglement and nursing practice).

Master of Sports Science (Research)

Coach Education

  • Jamie Youngson (Doing the Basics Well: Optimising Coaching Process).



    • Adam Hunter, An Analysis of the Technical Aspects of Competitive Canoe Slalom (December, 2009) Abstract. For more information about Adam see here.
    • Bruce Coe, The Life and Times of E S Marks (April 2012) Abstract. For more information about Bruce see here.
    • Dennis Bryant, Students and Their Learning Journeys: A Study of Failure in an Australian University (February 2013) Abstract. For more information about Dennis see here.
    • Dennis Puniard, The Role of the Internet and Online Technologies in Destination Choice for Australian Cycling Tourists (November 2013) Abstract. For more information about Dennis see here.
    • Nehad Mkhadmeh, Talent Identification and Player Development in Women’s Football: integrating Australian Insights in Jordan (April 2016). For more information about Nehad see here.
    • Adam Hewitt, Performance Analysis in Soccer: Applications of Player Tracking TechnologyAbstract. For more information about Adam’s work see here .
    • Ron Smith, An Investigation into Goal Scoring Patterns in Professional Football (August 2017). Abstract. For more information about Ron see here.


  • Alex Belperio, The development of an online social software application and its adoption by a community of practice (June 2013) Abstract.
  • Ben Harvey, Winning and Losing in Men’s Field Hockey: A Case Study of the 2010 Champions’ Trophy (June 2011) Abstract.
  • Rachel Wiseman, Tactical and technical factors associated with effective ball offloading strategies during the tackle in rugby league (June 2011) Abstract.
  • Warrick Harrington, Determinants of Attacking Success From The Set Piece In Elite Rugby Union (December 2010) Summary.
  • Tamara Kefford, Goal Shooting and Shoulder Soreness in High Performance Women’s Water Polo (December, 2010) Abstract.
  • Courtney McGowan, Controlled Frequency Breathing in Competitive Swimming (December, 2010) Abstract.

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