#UCSIA15 Exploring Feedforward and Mental Time Travel

There are four themes in the open online #UCSIA15 course, Sport Informatics and Analytics. One of the themes is Audiences and Messages. I am keen to explore Feedforward within this theme. I wrote about Feedforward back in 2009 and I have enjoyed extending my interest for #UCSIA15. These are some of the newer links I … Continue reading #UCSIA15 Exploring Feedforward and Mental Time Travel


Introduction Over twenty years ago when I was researching my book Using Video in Sport (1988) I came across Peter Dowrick’s work on self-modelling. I have been fascinated by his work ever since. Photo source: this photograph was taken by D Sharon Pruitt. It can be found at Flickr here and is included in this … Continue reading Feedforward

Sharing news

Each week an O’Reilly newsletter arrives in my email inbox. I am not sure when I signed up but I am delighted I did. This week the newsletter brought an article by Avinash Kaushik titled Responses to Negative Data (link). In it, Avinash discusses the reception of negative news and four data leadership archetypes: Bubble … Continue reading Sharing news