#UCSIA15 Exploring Feedforward and Mental Time Travel

There are four themes in the open online #UCSIA15 course, Sport Informatics and Analytics. One of the themes is Audiences and Messages. I am keen to explore Feedforward within this theme. I wrote about Feedforward back in 2009 and I have enjoyed extending my interest for #UCSIA15. These are some of the newer links I … Continue reading #UCSIA15 Exploring Feedforward and Mental Time Travel


Introduction Over twenty years ago when I was researching my book Using Video in Sport (1988) I came across Peter Dowrick’s work on self-modelling. I have been fascinated by his work ever since. Photo source: this photograph was taken by D Sharon Pruitt. It can be found at Flickr here and is included in this … Continue reading Feedforward

Describing what we do

In conversations about people involved in data analysis, one of my colleagues in an institute of sport observed that “the biggest challenge is how we develop and mentor these people”. I see this as a critical issue as sport expands its data science portfolios. It has encouraged me to think about the verbs we use … Continue reading Describing what we do