#BBL06 Winning and Losing After 21 Games

The Sixers defeated the Renegades in game 21 of this season’s #BBL06.
The Sixers batted second in the game.
Their performance mirrored the median winning profile of this season’s competition.

My data for the median run profiles of winners and losers this year suggest some gateway runs scores to be competitive:
34 runs at the end of over 4 (losers 31)
102 runs at the end of over 13 (losers 92)
173 runs at the end of the game (losers 150)
I have chosen these data points to focus my attention on the technical and tactical opportunities available to both teams … either to drive the winning run profile or to stem the flow of runs.
Excluding the single game decided by Duckworth-Lewis, 13 of the 20 games played have been won by the team batting second.
Photo Credit
Melbourne Renegades (Twitter)


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