Space for Personal Learning

A drone camera, a Tokyo bookshop and a line from a Moncton newsletter combine in this post to support a discussion about personal learning spaces. Each of these items found me rather than me finding them. The camera was an alert from my son, Sam. The bookshop came from recommendations on Medium and the Moncton … Continue reading Space for Personal Learning

Garden and Grand Design Insights for Performance Environments

I have just watched the final episode of Monty Don’s Italian Gardens. In this program he visited the Vennetto, Lucca, Como and Lake Maggiore. Throughout the program Monty discussed the transformation of Italian garden design and the impact of seedsmen on these designs. I thought his visit to Isola Bella was a great way to … Continue reading Garden and Grand Design Insights for Performance Environments

Social Sustainable Spaces

I really enjoyed Kevin McLeod’s conversation with Margaret Throsby earlier this week. In addition to admiring his style in Grand Designs, I have been fascinated by his Grand Tour and his visit to Dharavi. (The Dharavi program led me to explore edgeless spaces.) I was particularly interested to hear Kevin explore ideas about social spaces … Continue reading Social Sustainable Spaces