Accredible: Sharing Learning Experiences

I received an alert from Adam Brimo yesterday about Accredible.
On the Accredible Blog, the founders note:

Here at Accredible, we’ve been working hard to improve the way that credentials and certificates are generated across MOOCs, university courses also as wider learning by using peer-review and
reputational networks to determine and maintain quality.

Accredible propose that “by re-imagining the idea of the certificate to be more than just a statement, we can create a living portfolio of evidence that shows you have certain knowledge or skills. You can also get a much ‘higher resolution’ image of who a student is, what they can do and a list of evidence proving that”.
I am very attracted to the possibilities of “a living portfolio of evidence”. To date I have kept a very dispersed e-portfolio (and will continue to do so) but I see what Accredible has to offer as a game changer.
I think it will be an excellent resource for those who participate in Small or Massive Open Online Courses (particularly cSOOCs and cMOOCs). Some of the tools available to verify certificates in Accredible will help me extend my interest in identity and personal learning journeys.
OpenLearning will be using Accredible with their courses (hence the alert from Adam).
Here is my first attempt at using Accredible using the Introduction to Box’Tag SOOC as an example.



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