#coachlearninginsport: self-organising networks

Last month, I was invited to join a group of coaches in an online forum. I was delighted to be asked but I have spent much of the time as a peripheral participant … enjoying the open sharing but not contributing. I thought listening might be a good way to start in a group of … Continue reading #coachlearninginsport: self-organising networks

#coachlearninginsport: joining an established team

Introduction Earlier this week, I had an opportunity to watch the film Dior and I. I think this is a great resource for coaches to consider. In fact, I rate it as highly as a non-sport coaching resource as Leonard Bernstein‘s The Love of Three Orchestras (1986). It would be a great stimulus to coach … Continue reading #coachlearninginsport: joining an established team

#coachlearninginsport: hooking … and triggering

Introduction I use #coachlearninginsport to pull together my thoughts about coaches’ learning journeys. This post started with a prompt in a post written by Bryce Tully. Bryce proposes that “the current trend within high performance sport is to place disproportional weight on the collection of scientific data, while the organizational and psychological factors essential to … Continue reading #coachlearninginsport: hooking … and triggering