#coachlearninginsport: hooking … and triggering

Introduction I use #coachlearninginsport to pull together my thoughts about coaches’ learning journeys. This post started with a prompt in a post written by Bryce Tully. Bryce proposes that “the current trend within high performance sport is to place disproportional weight on the collection of scientific data, while the organizational and psychological factors essential to … Continue reading #coachlearninginsport: hooking … and triggering

#coachlearninginsport: besides and with

I had an opportunity to meet some rugby union coaches today. Just before the talk, I happened upon these two chairs looking out at a rugby pitch. The chairs brought Lawrence Stenhouse to mind. In much of his educational research, he would sit besides the person with whom he was talking. When asked about this … Continue reading #coachlearninginsport: besides and with

#coachlearninginsport Moving from ‘No … But’ to ‘If … Then’ and on to ‘Yes … And’

I was struck by the introductory paragraph in an Esko Kilpi discussion of pattern recognition. Esko argued: The way we want to make sense of the world around us often has to do with causality. The question we ask is what caused “something” to happen. There is a variable, the “it,” that happened, that is … Continue reading #coachlearninginsport Moving from ‘No … But’ to ‘If … Then’ and on to ‘Yes … And’