W-League Regular Season 2012-2013

Last year I wrote about Canberra United’s success in the W-League, the Australian Women’s Football League.
This year’s 2012-2013 W-League regular season was completed last weekend.
The Ladder after twelve games was:
During this season I monitored performance against 2011-2012 regular season ranking. In my effort to develop a genome of success I use a colour code to record each result during the season.
AsĀ  the number 1 ranked team in 2012-2013, Canberra would seek to have a green season (win all games). West Sydney Wanderers joined the League this season and were thus ranked eighth would try to avoid a blue season (lose all games).
The pattern in 2012-2013 was:
It was interesting to note that the 2012-2013 Minor Premiers, Brisbane, did not lose after Round 5. Melbourne did not lose after Round 6. West Sydney Wanderers turned their season around in in a block of games from Week 3 to week 8 when they won four out of six games and drew one. Adelaide became the predominantly blue team.
DSCF6764In addition to ranking, I follow scoring patterns in games. This season in the 48 games played:

  • The team that scored first won 34 games (71%)
  • The team that scored first drew 7 games (15%)
  • The team that scored first lost 6 games (13%)
  • There was one game with a 0-0 scoreline (1%)

It was interesting to note that of the six games in which a team scored first and lost, West Sydney (2) and Adelaide (2) were beaten by higher ranked teams. Brisbane lost to Sydney in Round 3 but overturned a goal deficit to defeat Newcastle in Round 7. Brisbane’s loss in Round 3 was an early marker of a threat to their season whilst their result in Round 7 indicated their return to form (ranking).


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