Type A game winning performances in football

One of my particular interests in monitoring European football leagues (link), is the identification of dominant game winning performances.

Liverpool demonstrated what I term Type A behaviour in their opening English Premier League performance against Norwich (link).

My data are:

Goal Scorers

Time of Goals

The scoring of two goals in 19 minutes meant for me that the probability of Liverpool not losing at that point was in the order of 0.992. In the preceding EPL season only three teams in 380 games had given up a 2v0 lead and lost. When the third goal went in after 28 minutes, I had no example of a team losing 0v3 and winning.

I am delighted that the first game of the 2019-2020 season has given me a benchmark, Type A example to consider. I do note that it was a Liverpool home game against a promoted team.

Exactly the fertile ground for Type A expression if a team is serious about its title credentials.

Photo Credit

Liverpool v Norwich (Twitter)


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