Braidwood Showground Parkruns 2018

Parkruns came to Braidwood in 2018.

Thanks to the passion and dedication of a small group of parkrunners (link), the first run was held on 22 September 2018 at the Braidwood Showground (link).

Each runner receives a time for their 5kms run or walk. This provides a great resource for analysis and visualisation.

I have extracted data from the 14 parkruns held at Braidwood in 2018 and hope these might be an alternative data set to the long established Scottish Hill Races data (link). I aim to use these data in the online Sport Informatics and Analytics open course as a supplement to the data already there (link).

  • There is a csv file of 385 runs under 40 minutes on GitHub (link).
  • There is a Google sheet with all the data available (link).

The data in these files is in the public domain and is made available on the local parkrun website (link) as part of the remarkable service provided for parkrunners by an organisation whose mission is “to create a healthier and happier planet”.

There is a Twitter account for parkrun (link) and a sharing of experiences with #loveparkrun (link).

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Runners (parkrun Photos)


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