Jane Laurence and Karl Randels

In 1940, Jane Laurence and Karl Randels co-authored a paper with Lloyd Messersmith that was published in the Research Quarterly 11(3), 30-31.
The paper was titled A Study of Distances Traversed by College Men and Women in Playing the Game of Basketball. It reports data from twenty games ‘clocked’ in the 1939-1940 school year. There are 10 men’s games and 10 women’s games.
It is difficult to find information about Jane and Karl. Both would have assisted Lloyd with data collection for the study. At the time, Jane was an assistant in women’s physical education at DePauw. She was promoted to an instructor at DePauw in August 1940. Perhaps her involvement in the study helped with her promotion.
Karl Randels (1917-1991) was from West Unity, Ohio. He was an undergraduate at DePauw University and was a letter winner in football at there in the 1937 and 1938 seasons. He was awarded an MA at the University of Michigan in 1941.
I can find no other publication by either Jane or Karl.


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